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Attention Fullerton Residents and Business Owners! Stop Calling Tree Companies Until You Read This

tree trimming fullerton caTree trimmers in Orange County are a dime a dozen and it’s not a hard at all to get their services at a low rate. Why’s that? Because starting a tree service business in Fullerton is relatively easy.

If you’ve landscaped a lawn at least a few times, own a chain saw and truck, and got a couple of relatives or friends willing to do physical work, you’re good to go. Technically no years of training or education required. Or so you think.

The difference lies in the two important areas: 1. the quality of work, needless to say and 2. the value for the money. Customers are often deceived by dirt cheap offers from new founded tree service companies in Fullerton, California. And it all makes sense, I mean who can resist a “good deal? I know I hardly can.

Here’s a secret that’s not many people know: these price prices from budding entrepreneurs come with a catch and you should know it before you make a decision on which tree service company to hire to do your tree trimming.

For one, quality of work is not as good as their well-established competitors. One can’t discard the value of years of experience. Secondly, and a very important part we often disregard, business insurance or the lack of it thereof. When you deal with a tree trimming company that not insured, you will be responsible for paying for or repairing for any damage they cause to your or your neighbor’s home during the trimming. Imagine what you would have to deal with just because you decided to save a few dollars.

In choosing a tree service company in Fullerton to do your trimming, pruning or stump removal, go for the experienced, bonded, and insured. You wouldn’t wanna take risks spending money and wasting time for something that can be done seamlessly by the right service provider. Find a tree serivice company that has years of experience serving both residential and commercial customers in Fullerton, California.

How do I Know When My Trees Need Trimming?

Tree Pruning Fullerton CATrimmed trees are healthier trees. To keep branches strong and healthy, trees need to be regularly maintained.

Trimming prevents spread of decay and disease and optimizes the process of photosynthesis in plants through evenly distributed sun exposure and better air circulation.

Trimmed trees are able to withstand potential damage from storms and changing weather.

So when do you when it’s time to call the expert cutters?

Here are five indicators that your trees need trimming:

1. Your tree branches have gone close to power lines or cables
2. They are already touching your roof or any part of a property
3. You see dead or loosely hanging branches that might cause an accident anytime
4. It has been more than three years since you last got your trees trimmed
5. Your trees look unkempt, out of shape, and overall unappealing

If you have observed these telltale signs to your trees, you definitely need to call a good tree service company right away!

Fullerton Tree Trimming Cost

We all want to know what the cost would be to and for a good reason. However, not two trimming jobs are alike because there are a number of variables that affect the total cost like the size and number of trees. if they are easily accessible, close to a house etc. For that reason call us now at (562) 203-0616 to schedule free on-site estimate.

How to Find a Good Tree Care Company Near Me?
Tree Service Fullerton

When choosing a tree service company, you really need to weed out the bad ones, pun intended.

It’s important to be thorough when vetting contractors in order to get the best value for your money and here’s a tip: a good tree service company, as with any type of service provider, would be happy to help you out and provide answers to your queries.


Here are six questions to ask when talking to potential tree service providers:

1. Do you have a business insurance?
2. Can I have a list of past and returning clients that I can call for reference?
3. Are you a member of any trade association (which means they follow certain quality guidelines)?
4. Can you provide written estimates in detail?
5. Are you responsible for any damages you might incur to my or my neighbor’s home when you do the trimming?
6. Can you provide and commit to a timeframe for completing the project?

We at Fullerton Tree Services Pro would be happy to answer your tree trimming and tree pruning related questions as well all general tree-related questions! Our lines are open and to speak with one of our experienced tree service specialists, give us a call now at (562) 203-0616.

Why You Should Consider Hiring Us?

Fullerton Tree Service Pros is one of the trusted names in tree trimming and pruning services in Orange County. We are a local, family-owned business, not a franchise. This has been part of our lives as a family and so, we do it with passion and we work hard to exceed each client’s expectations all the time.

When you talk to us, we will identify your trees’ needs and offer customized solutions. We will provide free initial estimate over the phone to give you an idea of how much the trimming project will cost. This would be a rough calculated estimation by our specialists.

If you decide that our initial phone estimate sounds reasonable, we could visit the job site and provide another free and more precise on-site estimate. We shall further assess and give you a detailed estimate in writing.

We at Fullerton Tree Services Pros understand “one size fits all” does not work. We are a service provider that offers solutions based on your trees’ unique needs and situation. We offer same day on-site estimate and guarantee complete satisfaction.

To Speak with an Experienced Professional about Your Tree Trimming Job Give Us a Call Now at (562) 203-0616

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