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Tree Service Fullerton CA – Trimming, Pruning, Removal

Tree Service Fullerton CA

tree service in fullerton caHave a tree job and need a reliable tree service company in CA that can get it done right the first time? You’ve come to the right place because we’ve been doing tree removal, trimming and maintenance for the last 20 years. That means that whatever your tree problem is we have already seen it and solved it.

We think we can help you but first here’s a bit more about our company and our business.

As a family-owned business in CA, we care for each and every customer, since there’s no big national name franchise to hide behind. The owner, who started the business and is still involved in the day-to-day operations follows up with every customer after the job is completed to ensure complete client’s satisfaction

Our Tree Care Services in Fullerton, CA (Partial List)

  • tree¬†trimming – to mitigate the risk of broken limbs and falling trees branches
  • tree removal in Fullerton CA – so there’s no longer a danger to your property
  • tree stump removal and grinding – because you want your landscape to look immaculate
  • tree shaping so your trees look the best they could
  • tree pruning – to maintain their structural integrity and aesthetics. Keep in mind that improper pruning of your trees can create lasting damage or even shorten trees life
  • emergency tree removal – so your property could stay safe

This is a partial list of our tree care services in Fullerton CA. With that being said, we can customize our services to meet our clients’ needs. So, if you don’t see what you need, give us a call.

Commercial and Residential Services

tree trimming fullertonWe started our tree service business in CA as a one-man show – just the founder and his truck. Initially, our customers were primarily residents of Fullerton, CA. As years passed by and word of mouth spread we started getting calls from local businesses from the surrounding areas in Orange County CA as well. Now, 20 years later we service both residential and commercial clients.

Our residential clients in CA are people who care about the look of their properties and retain us to maintain the trees immaculate throughout the year.

Our business clients include (but are not limited to):

  • landlords
  • facility managers
  • property managers
  • landowners
  • homeowners

Our clients keep calling us because we have well-trained people as well as the equipment to handle even the most challenging job.

Reliable Tree Care Service in Fullerton, CA

It’s important to work with companies that can get the tree job done right. See, getting into the tree service business in CA is very easy – all one need is a truck and a chainsaw to offer tree trimming services in Fullerton CA. And that’s what people do, they offer cheap services because they lack experience and the only way to compete is on price.

Lacking experience, however, puts you and your property at risk, because there is more, much more to any tree job and if all you care is finding the lowest priced tree care company, think again.

More often than not these tree care companies in CA that charge much less don’t carry proper insurance and if anything was to happen to your or your neighbor’s property or someone got injured while they are working on your property you would be the one held responsible.

Tree Service Cost in Fullerton, CA

tree removalAs we already established – you don’t want to hire a tree service company in Fullerton CA based on price only (you get what you pay for, remember). Our tree car company is licensed and insured for your peace of mind. For what we offer our prices are a bargain.

With that being said every project is different based on how much time is needed for the job to be completed and the only way to quote a job is to visit the site.

We understand that sometimes cost could be quite high and for that reason, we can work with property owners in CA to prioritize tasks. The ones that are most urgent need to be done first while the not-so-urgent ones can be postponed.

Our trained specialists with years of experience would advise you on the best course of action so your tree job is done on schedule and within budget.

What Makes Us Different?

We know we are not the only tree care company in Fullerton CA but we think we are the best one and here’s why

  • highly trained specialists with decades of experience. Our team members have been with the company 11 years on average and we are the company with the smallest turnover rate in Orange County
  • we are licensed, bonded and insured for your peace of mind. That means that if anything happens you won’t be held responsible and any damage to your property would be covered by our insurance company
  • no bait-and-switch tactics. There are tree service companies out there that offer low estimates to get their foot in the door. Beware of them, because usually, you’ll end up paying much more in the end. We offer free estimates over the phone to give you an idea but these are not final
  • quote in writing – after we visit the site we give you a quote in writing that’s good for 30 days. If you hire us to do your tree job you won’t pay a dime more, guaranteed.

Here’s What to Do Next to Get the Best Service Possible

Don’t just sit and watch your trees deteriorate. Give us a call, we are here to help. Tell us a bit about your tree job in CA and we will tell you what the best course of action in our opinion is.

We are able to schedule the same or next day service in CA, or at a time and day that works best for you. Better yet – you don’t have to be at home while we are doing the work.

All you have to do is enjoy your trees after we are done.

Don’t Put it Off – Call Us Now at (562) 203-0616 to Speak an Experienced Specialist in Fullerton, CA

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